Marrying in a Public Space in Brisbane

What you need to know

What are the rules and laws around marrying in a public space? In this post, we’ll be concentrating on what you need to know to marrying in a public space in Brisbane.

Kangaroo Point Elopement
Photo: @qualisphotography Venue: Kangaroo Point Cliffs, Brisbane

What is a public space?

A public space is generally areas such as parks, roads, beaches, malls or square (such as King George Square, Anzac Square, Queens Street Mall, Brunswick Street Mall etc), pavements, and some public buildings such as libraries.

Who owns a public space?

In Brisbane, many of the public spaces are managed by Brisbane City Council. However, there are exceptions to this. For example, Riverside Centre Plaza and Riparian Plaza in Eagle Street are own privately, although they allow public access.

Permission to marry in a public park

The most common public spaces that people marry in Brisbane are in one of the beautiful parks or Botanic Gardens that are scattered in and around Brisbane. Popular parks to marry such as New Farm Park, Sherwood Arboretum, and Brisbane Botanic Gardens all have designated areas which you can book to ensure exclusive use. They have a minimum booking of two hours. The Weekday Wedding Co. can organise the permit for you if you want to ensure you have exclusive use in a designated area.

If you are booking one of our Elopements, you will not need a permit unless you want to marry in one of the designated areas. However, most of the parks will have beautiful spots which are perfect for you and your two witnesses, and these don’t require permits. We know all the spots, and can give you advice on this.

If you are having a Micro-Wedding during the weekday at one of the less known parks, you may not require a permit. The Weekday Wedding Co. can advise on this for anyone booking this package.

Other public spaces which require a permit for use of their designated areas include Brisbane’s Roma Street Parklands. This park is managed separately to Brisbane City Council. We can help with permits if you wish to book a designated area.

Permission to marry on a beach

Brisbane doesn’t have very many beaches as such. To get the long sandy beaches, you’ll need to travel to the Sunshine Coast or Gold Coast where the mind-blowing ones are located.

However, that doesn’t mean we don’t have any. We do! They’re just a little bit harder to find and are on a smaller scale. We’re in the know though, and our favourites are Pandanus Beach in Wynnum, Scarborough Beach, Redcliffe, or Moora Park, Shorncliffe.

Some of these have designated booking areas, and we can help with these if you wish to book.

Moora Park wedding

Do the permit costs anything?

For permits of designated areas, there will be a charge. If The Weekday Wedding Co. are applying for this permit on your behalf, we can provide you with a quote for your chosen area. Permit fees range depending on who is the managing Council or owner, but, as an example, if The Weekday Wedding Co. are organising on your behalf for a park in Brisbane, the minimum fee is $400 (all bookings have a minimum of two hours).

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