Getting Married in Australia

Thinking About Marrying in Australia?

Wondering if marrying in Australia is for you? Confused as to whether, as a non-Australian resident, you can do it?

Well, let’s start at the basics. To have a marriage ceremony in Australia, you MUST have the following:

  • You
  • Your partner
  • Two Witnesses
  • Provide written notice of their intention to marry to their authorised celebrant, at least one month prior to the ceremony date
  • Have an authorised celebrant conduct the ceremony, which includes certain legal wording and documentation
  • Annnndddd…. that’s it.

Sounds simple? That’s because it is. All the other elements are extras, nice-to-haves, and pretty things.

At The Weekday Wedding Co. we help people who want to get married in Brisbane on a weekday who want to keep it intimate, yet stylish either with our Elopements or Micro-Weddings.

Who Can Marry in Australia?

Basically anyone who has a visa to visit or stay in Australia or lives in Australia permanently can marry here. You do not need to be a citizen or a permanent resident, and in fact, many of our couples live overseas and are coming to Brisbane to elope.

If you’d like to find out more about about visas to come to Australia here.

However you must also meet the following:

  • Not be married to someone else
  • Not be marrying a parent, grandparent, child, grandchild, brother or sister
  • Be at least 18 years old, unless a court has approved a marriage where one party is aged between 16 and 18 years old
  • Understand what marriage means and freely consent to marrying
  • Be able and willing to use specific words during the ceremony

Where Can You Marry In Australia?

Australia is a rich country with beaches, bushes, deserts, boats, hot air balloons… the world is our oyster. It’s no wonder that more and more couples think about marrying in Australia.

The Weekday Wedding Co. specialises in elopements and micro-weddings in Brisbane and we can suggest a venues which works perfectly for you. All our packages deliver ceremonies within 40kms of Brisbane City (us locals call it the ‘CBD’). We know and love this City and we’ve worked in the wedding industry for a number of years so can definitely help you find the perfect venue.

There’s no restrictions on where you can marry or what time of day you can marry. Your Celebrant is the person who is registered to marry you, not the venue. So feel free to get as creative as you like!

Want To Know More?

The Weekday Wedding Co. are more than happy to give you advice if you’re planning an elopement or micro-wedding here in Brisbane. Please either use our contact form, or contact us at or on +61 (0) 478041227.